What is a Command Object in Spring?

What is a command object in Spring framework? What is a data transfer object (DTO)? As we known, a data transfer object (DTO) is a simple java bean that carries data between any two layers or processes. We can generally use DTO layer & populate the DTO object with the data received from the external web service … Read more

How to add Remember Me in Login Page with Spring Security?

Remember Me in Login Page with Spring Security

In actual development, the Remember Me function is often enabled for the convenience of user login. If the user selects the “remember me” option when logging in, then within a valid period of time, it will automatically log in by default, eliminating the need to enter the user name, password and other login operations. The … Read more

What is Spring? | Understanding of IoC & DI

What is Spring? Spring is a lightweight, non-intrusive framework, which advocates the “least intrusive” way to manage the code in the application, the purpose is to solve the problem of coupling between the business logic layer and other layers of enterprise-level application development, the most fundamental The mission is to solve the complexity of enterprise-level application development, … Read more