How to stop Microsoft Teams keeps installing?

Since my computer updated Windows 10, Microsoft Teams keeps installing itself. I have uninstalled it about 10 times, but every time I restart the computer, the Microsoft Teams come back.

In order to uninstall Microsoft Teams, I even tried to uninstall the office on my computer and check some Skype settings. But it still cannot be resolved.

How to get rid of Microsoft Teams? How to fix the Microsoft Teams keeps reinstalling problem? How to stop Microsoft Teams from opening?

How to stop Microsoft Teams keeps installing?

Here, I found the following solution to solve the Microsoft teams keeps installing problems. You can check more Mircosoft skills on FAQgeek.

How to stop Microsoft Teams keeps installing?

To solve the problem of Microsoft Teams keeps reinstalling, we should sure the Microsoft Teams uninstalled correctly, then can disable Microsoft teams.

How to uninstall Microsoft Teams?

There a few ways to uninstall Microsoft Teams, here is one of the ways to uninstall Microsoft Teams.

Step 1. Quite Microsoft Teams software. Right-clicking the Microsoft Teams icon in the taskbar, select Close window.

Step 2. On the left-bottom of Windows, click the Start menu, then click Setting,

How to uninstall microsoft teams?

3. Then you enter the Apps & features panel, here, you can type in “teams” to search for Microsoft Teams.

4. Select the Microsoft Teams, then click the Uninstall button.

Note: In this step, to stop Microsoft Teams keeps installing after uninstalled the Microsoft Teams, you need to make sure to uninstall the Teams Machine Wide Installer too.

5. In the appeared dialog box, click the Uninstall button to confirm to uninstall Microsoft Teams, and click the Yes button to begin uninstall.

6. By here, you have uninstalled the Microsoft Teams. Now, it’s time to uninstall the Teams Machine Wide Installer in the same way.

Ok, that is how to uninstall Microsoft teams, hoping this way can help you solve the Microsoft Teams keeps installing problems. Usually, if the Office uninstalled, the Microsoft Teams will also be uninstalled.

Reference: Uninstall Microsoft Teams

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