[Solved] Why is Huion pen not working MAC?

When it comes to the Huion digital pen, in some cases, the Huion pen not working MAC due to some reasons. Here are the official solutions to fix it.

Such as the pressure-sensitive Huion pen on the tablet does not respond, there is no pressure sensitivity. And the cursor cannot be moved after the tablet is connected to the computer… Maybe, it is not broken, or the huion tablet driver out of work.

No matter what reason results in your Huion pen not working, let’s fix the problem of the Huion tablet pen not working.

How to fix Huion pen not working MAC?

As we said, there are many reasons that can result in huion pen not working MAC. The following are some solutions to fix huion tablet pen not working.

1. Make sure whether the tablet is connected to the USB port of the computer. If not, please connect the USB.

Why is Huion pen not working MAC?

2. When the huion pen is far away from the effective sensing height of the tablet or the pressure-sensitive pen is not used. Please observe whether the LED indicator of the tablet is off or flashing. 

If it flashes or keeps on, it means that it has not been successfully connected to the computer. The connected tablet will only flash during operation. Please unplug and reconnect the USB or connect it to another USB port to test.

3. Insist on whether the pen core of the huion tablet pressure-sensitive pen is stuck, test method, lightly press the pen tip. Then let go to see if the pen core is flexible.

4. Delete the huion drivers cleanly, download the latest huion tablet driver on the official website of the King, reinstall it. Then test whether the tablet has pressure sensitivity.

5. Try to remove the huion driver of the tablet and restart the computer, without installing the driver. Check whether the cursor can be moved normally.

6. If the cursor cannot be moved normally without installing the driver, please test with another computer. 

If the cursor still fails to move after testing on another computer, it is caused by poor pen or board hardware. Please contact the official after-sales service in time, and report the situation to after-sales customer service for a solution.

7. All products have an after-sales warranty service. If you determine that the tablet hardware is damaged, you can contact customer service to return the product to Huion for repair and replacement. And send the completed warranty card together with the invoice and pen to Huion for warranty. 

Do not disassemble the pen by yourself to avoid losing the warranty rights.

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